Corporate Limo Service in Oakville

Hiring a corporate limo service in Oakville can be good for your business in many ways. From picking up the client from the airport to ferrying them from one venue to another, an airport limousine service in Oakville will make a significant impact and will please your clients. Here are a few advantages of hiring a corporate limo service in Oakville to help you give a winning edge to your business.

Build a Professional Image

When you hire a corporate limo service in Oakville you ensure that your clients get a car which is free of trash and personal belongings. A clean, chauffer driven car looks professional make you look very good in front of your clients. Therefore, the biggest advantage you get by hiring a rental limo for your clients is you get to build a professional image of yourself as well as your business in your client’s mind.

Offer Comfort to your Clients, Employees and Yourself

Limo service in Oakville will provide with the much-needed comfort to you and your people. You can hire Airport Taxi and Limo Services for yourself or for others and help them avoid the chaos of traffic right after they get down from their flight. This way, you make a good impression in their minds and give a better chance to your business.

Stress-Free Pickups and Drops

If you do not hire an airport limousine in Oakville for your clients, you will have to take off from work or ask an employee to be at the airport for the pickup. This might cause a lot of stress. To avoid this, you should think about hiring Airport Taxi and Limo Services as you corporate limo service and let them handle the to and fro commutation while you focus on work.

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Limo Service for Airport Transfer in Kitchener-Waterloo

Hiring a limo service in Kitchener-Waterloo for airport transfer is a good way to get around without having to worry about driving and parking. At Airport Taxi and Limo, we offer chauffer driven limo service in Kitchener-Waterloo to help our customer reach the airport on time while we manage everything en route. But, there are a few things that you should know before hiring a limo service because even the best of services can go haywire if you haven’t planned properly. Here are the things to remember when hiring a limo service for airport transfer in Kitchener.

Know and share your flight details

It is very important to know all the details of your flight and also to share it with your limo rental company. This will help the company to keep track of your flight and provide you a smooth service. A limo service company will keep track of your flight and schedule their pickup and drop according. A single mistake in this can lead to a lot of confusion and chaos.

Be ready extra early for international transfers

When you hire limo service in Kitchener-Waterloo, it is important that you leave early for the airport if you are flying abroad. Book your flight an hour or so early, so that you can reach the airport early and have extra time for immigration and other formalities. Rushing the driver at the last minute will do you no good and will be extremely stressful on him as well. So, calculate your time and be ready a little early than usual.

Keep in touch with the car service company/driver

While hiring a limo service in Kitchener-Waterloo, you have to understand that it is very important to stay in touch with the driver or the company so as to keep them in the loop about everything. Let them know if you are running late, if you are going to miss your flight or you want pickup from a different location. Staying in touch with your airport transfer limo rental company will help you avoid a lot of confusion on both sides.

Reasons to Hire a Limo Service in Toronto for your Anniversary

An anniversary is as special as the wedding day so why not celebrate it with equal fervor and make it extraordinary? Hire a limo service in Toronto to make your anniversary day extra special and to charm the socks off your partner. At Airport Taxi and Limo, we understand the importance of the day and offer you a chance to make your anniversary date memorable through our stupendous service and presentation. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a limo for your anniversary.

Reach the venue on time and in style

Our drivers are extremely professional, which means you will be treated courteously and you will not be late even by a minute for your anniversary dinner. Just let us know where you need to be and at what time and we will ensure that red carpets are rolled out for you and your better half at the venue. Drivers of Airport Taxi and Limo arrive early at the place of pickup to ensure there are no last minute hassles.

Pamper yourself and your partner

On your anniversary, you and your partner deserve to be pampered and there is no pampering as grand as a ride in a chauffeur-driven limo. Simply book your limo rental in Toronto with us and we will ensure that you have a great time while we drive you around in style and luxury.

Stay safe on your big day

It’s your day, so you have to go out and celebrate it like tomorrow. Booking a limo service in Toronto for your anniversary means that you are free to gulp down that full bottle of chardonnay while we ensure that you reach your destination and back safely. Book a limo rental in Toronto with Airport Taxi and Limo and keep yourself and your partner safe as you party non-stop.

Special Event

Life is full of events that need to be celebrated such as weddings, proms, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties, retirement parties, birthday celebrations and much more. These special events are the moments in which we create memories that last for a lifetime.

Need a limousine for wedding, prom, party or any other special occasion? Our friendly, entertaining, professional chauffeurs make your special occasion even more special. Book limo with special prices for wedding limo and prom limo services. Whenever you need to go to a special event, you can depend on us to get you there on time and in the most comfortable manner. All you need to do on your part is give us the details of your engagement and we will make the arrangements that will ensure a comfortable and timely journey to the destination.

Our special events transportation services ensure your most important events will be memorable. Whatever the occasion, when you entrust your transportation needs to a team of experts you can expect them to make the transportation to and from the event as enjoyable as possible. We know that you’ve put a lot of planning into this event, and we’ll do everything we can to make it a success.

Meet and Greet

If you want to impress your guests and make a good impression on them first-up, you can benefit greatly from our meet and greet service. We can pick them up from the airport on your behalf and ensure they reach their destination in the most comfortable and hassle-free way. Our Meet & Greet service is a part of the amazing travel experience we proudly offer to our customers. With our professionally trained, naturally courteous and instinctively discreet chauffeurs, we provide Meet & Greet Service beyond the expected.

We know that first impressions are vital for every ground transportation experience. Our chauffeur would meet your guests at the airport with a banner displaying the name of the company. After introducing himself, he would pass on your message and assist you with your luggage, deal with any additional requests and in the way, he’ll understand your exact journey requirements prior to ever meeting you. He would then drive them to their destination and make sure that they are totally comfortable in their journey.

We provide professional Meet & Greet Services. Our customers will be treated exquisitely from the moment our chauffeurs will collect you, to the moment you will say goodbye.
Choosing Airport Taxi & Limo will guarantee a full-service arrival experience and the smoothest transfer. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, virtually anywhere you need us to take you around the world.

Navigating the Streets of Toronto in Limousine

There are few places in the world which are as happening as Toronto at the moment. With robust economic growth and exciting architectural development, the city is one of the best places to visit. Travelling around the town, you will get to see great sights and would be able to visit some of the most exciting places.

But if you want to fully enjoy your travels in this metropolis, then hiring a limousine in Toronto is the best option, by far. Just think about it, you will have an experienced and skilled chauffeur driving you around the town in a most smooth manner. You can comfortably sit in the back, stretch yourself and enjoy the view of the town.

Why Choose a Limousine Over Other Options?

Toronto is a big town and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is constantly expanding. To comfortably navigate the streets of this city and deal with the traffic without any hassles, an experienced hand is needed. This is precisely what your chauffeur would provide when you have a limousine in Toronto.

Downtown Toronto, where you are likely to focus your attention, is especially difficult for a new and inexperienced driver to deal with. So, choosing a limo is, hands down, a better choice.

But the benefits of a limousine in Toronto are not restricted to the qualities of the driver. A big city like Toronto has long distances. One needs to be comfortably seated and have space to expand during long journeys, that is possible with limos.


Those who are visiting Toronto need not remain confined to the urban area. A great idea would be to visit the Niagara Falls. By taking a limousine in Toronto for that tour, you would be able to arrive relaxed and ready to explore this magnificent site.

So, don’t get bogged down in a dingy taxi, take a limousine in Toronto and enjoy this city’s charms.

Give Your Guests the Comfort They Deserve

If you are going to receive highly important guests, what can you do to make a grand impression on them? Simple, hiring limousines for guests to receive them at the airport and ferry them to their destination. This will sweep them off their feet.

Gone are the days when a limousine was only accessible to heads of states and the richest of the rich. Now, limousine service providers have made these services highly accessible to the not-so-rich as well. So, hiring limousines for guests is not that difficult or financially hard.

The Benefits of Hiring Limousines for Guests

If your guests are coming over to discuss some important financial matters, then it is essential that the meetings on those matters takes place at the right time and there is no delay.

Since, limos are driven by the most capable and intelligent chauffeurs, you can be rest assured that punctuality won’t be an issue from their side. On top of that, they would be most polite and conscious of the comforts of the passengers.

Plus, for important meetings, you want your guests to be in perfect mood. Travelling in such luxury and comfort would certainly increase its chances. Add to that the politeness and graceful manners of the chauffeur and you are likely to find your guests full of good vibes.

Plus, if there is paucity of time, you can discuss important issues with your guests on the limo itself without any inconvenience. Hiring limousines for guests seems a winning combination.

Lastly, chauffeurs are highly-trained and skilled drivers who are capable of handling extremely complex situations, in case they arise. A less experienced taxi driver may panic or make mistakes but a chauffeur won’t. So, make sure the visitors are happy by hiring limousines for guests.

Livery Service – Sit Back & Relax

If you have to go somewhere and you want to arrive in style, what is the best way? Simple, hire livery vehicle and enjoy benefits of livery service. But what exactly is livery service? In fact, what is the meaning of the word, ‘livery’?

On the face of it, livery and taxi are words that can appear to be synonymous. But on closer inspection, you will find that there are several subtle differences that differentiate these two words.

Livery is exclusively associated with Limousines that have been booked for transportation from one place to another. Taxisrefer to other, less expensive and elite vehicles that can be rented for transportwithout prior notice.

Why Choose a Livery Service?

Is there any way in which you can make a bigger impression on arrival than emerge out of a Limousine? No chance. But it’s not about appearances. Among the benefits of livery service is the fact that there is no more luxurious and comfortable way to travel than in a Limousine.

Benefits of livery service are large. Unlike a taxi which often lacks the leg-room or elbow-space for you to completely relax, a Limo lets you stretch out fully and relax yourself. You will also have the option to not bother about what’s going on outside and focus on yourself. Among benefits of livery service, this is onethat you don’t have in a taxi.

On top of that, a livery vehicle is always helmed by a chauffeur who is impeccable in his driving and conduct. You can comfortably relax in the Limo while he delivers you to the destination without any delay and any hiccups.

Another one of the benefits of livery serviceis that it is booked in advance. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to bother about finding the right taxi. Your vehicle with its chauffeur would be waiting for you in advance. All you need to do is sit back and relax.