Hiring a limo service in Kitchener-Waterloo for airport transfer is a good way to get around without having to worry about driving and parking. At Airport Taxi and Limo, we offer chauffer driven limo service in Kitchener-Waterloo to help our customer reach the airport on time while we manage everything en route. But, there are a few things that you should know before hiring a limo service because even the best of services can go haywire if you haven’t planned properly. Here are the things to remember when hiring a limo service for airport transfer in Kitchener.

Know and share your flight details

It is very important to know all the details of your flight and also to share it with your limo rental company. This will help the company to keep track of your flight and provide you a smooth service. A limo service company will keep track of your flight and schedule their pickup and drop according. A single mistake in this can lead to a lot of confusion and chaos.

Be ready extra early for international transfers

When you hire limo service in Kitchener-Waterloo, it is important that you leave early for the airport if you are flying abroad. Book your flight an hour or so early, so that you can reach the airport early and have extra time for immigration and other formalities. Rushing the driver at the last minute will do you no good and will be extremely stressful on him as well. So, calculate your time and be ready a little early than usual.

Keep in touch with the car service company/driver

While hiring a limo service in Kitchener-Waterloo, you have to understand that it is very important to stay in touch with the driver or the company so as to keep them in the loop about everything. Let them know if you are running late, if you are going to miss your flight or you want pickup from a different location. Staying in touch with your airport transfer limo rental company will help you avoid a lot of confusion on both sides.